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Commercial Door Services

When you are paying for your new garage door to be installed for your business or other commercial property, it should be perfect. There are plenty of companies out there offering these services, but there is some big problems, they are not skilled, properly trained, or licensed. This introduces a big risk to lose money and/or have a garage door that doesn't work properly. From the time we arrive to your business or other commercial property to the time we leave we guarantee the highest level of professionalism with a complete installation of your new garage door that is going to work properly, all at a highly competitive price. Here at Proffitt Overhead Door we specialize in commercial garage door installation and we have the training and experience to provide high quality work every time.

We are a licensed and insured company with a team of skilled and expertly trained technicians to give you ultimate confidence when you choose us to install your garage door. If you have experienced problems opening and closing your garage door, then it is probably time to call us. We understand the ins and outs all of makes and models of garage doors whether they are manual or remote controlled. When you contact us we get back to you quickly so we can get the process started for your new garage door. When we are done we also give you professional tips on how to best maintain your garage door to ensure you get the full lifespan of that garage door.

Commercial Garage Door Installation Services Michigan and Indiana

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"Proffitt Overhead Door deserves 10 Stars. I highly recommend this company because Jason Proffitt (Owner) is a man of integrity. My amazing experience began the moment Jason responded to my call. The process was smooth. No push or hassle. The quote given was what I paid. The doors really transformed my house. AWESOME!!!"

Overhead Door Services

When your garage door is very old, even if it still works okay, it could be very beneficial to replace it anyway. This is because a new garage door can add beauty and value to your business or other commercial property. When you call us or fill out our contact form we can provide you with a free quote so you can decide whether to proceed or not risk free. We are highly skilled professionals in the world of garage door installation and we offer you our premium services at a price that could be hard to believe.

There isn't just one type of garage door, there are a variety of different types and we are very familiar with all of them. Our technicians will be able to easily explain the differences and possible pros and cons that each type could provide to your specific commercial building. No matter what type of garage door you already have, we know how to properly and safely repair or replace it. If your garage door is still fully functional, but simply faded, something as little and simple as panel replacement can add beauty and value to your garage door. Contact us today to go over the full list of your options.

When it comes to your business, you absolutely cannot afford to be out of commission. To operate at maximum efficiency you need high quality equipment and we are able to provide that along with the highest quality installation and customer service in the area. We have the highest rated equipment when it comes to durability and efficiency. This enables us to ensure that your business is always running smoothly. Our stock of garage doors include a wide variety to suit any of your business’ needs and requirements. If you are unsure of what door will best suit your business, we can assist with that as well. We will go over the benefits of each door and how it could benefit your business.

Garages are normally used to store valuable items and it is very important to ensure that your items are secure. This is why we provide a range of different lock devices to properly protect your business. With our high quality commercial garage door openers your business can be secured and only accessed by your and your staff. We guarantee that you can trust us with your valuables and we will provide a sufficient secured garage door with locks ranging from electronic mechanisms with auto-locking functions to old fashioned multi-key lock units.

When you choose us we will ensure that your garage door is properly fitted with an opener that will best benefit your business and how you use your garage. If your garage opener isn't properly installed or under-powered it can burn out extremely quick, resulting in your garage door to become stuck and essentially useless. We will fully assess the situation to provide the perfect opener that is made to withstand the cycles per hour that you and your business need. If necessary we can also provide an automatic closing system to ensure that your facility is never accidentally left open.

All of our garage doors can be customized to fit your requirements. We also carry the highest quality garage door replacement parts for all models to ensure that we can always provide you with the replacements you need. Our garage doors and openers are fully customized to your needs from usage levels to local weather conditions. We are committed to our work and always stand by it. We are known for always taking the highest care of you and your property while we are working. Our technicians are also fully certified and have years of experience so we can ensure that the job is done properly and in a timely manner every time. Contact us today to get the ball rolling for your commercial garage door services.