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Panel Replacement

When most people think about garage door repair, they think that they will probably have to replace the entire door, but luckily this isn't always the case. Over time when your garage door is exposed to the elements, you will find it will develop some cosmetic damage such as dings and dents, but it will still be a perfectly good functioning garage door. When this happens we will be able to help you out without having to replace the entire door.

Sometimes the decision between replacement or repair isn't as simple as you would think. Maybe a hail storm came through and left your garage door severely damaged and cosmetically unsatisfactory. We will be able to help you determine the correct course of action if you aren't sure which is the best option.

Your garage door panels can encounter a variety of different types of damage or deterioration over many years of use. Whether its sun damage, hail damage, wind damage, or just simple old age, there will be many times where your garage door panels will need to be replaced.

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The process of replacement can be very stressful and dangerous, this is why we heavily recommend contacting a professional company like us here at Proffitt Overhead Door. We know exactly how to properly replace your garage door panels and we have the tools and the knowledge to ensure it is always done efficiently and safely.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to take on this project yourself. You may think that you can even save money if you try to do it yourself, but this is simply not the case. With all the hassle of doing it yourself you will actually save time and money when you call us to repair your garage door. We are able to properly handle all types of garage doors whether they are residential or commercial.

With so many years of experience, we here at Proffitt Overhead Door know how to handle all types of panel replacement. Our highly trained professional technicians provide the best service in the area and we guarantee a job well done every time. Don't waste your precious weekends trying to figure out how to replace your garage door panels and possibly damage it, call us and let us handle it for you.

With our seamless repair work, your replacement panel will perfectly blend in with your already existing door. Don't worry about the new panel sticking out like a sore thumb. Our technicians are artists and will be able to replace a garage door panel and with a smooth and seamless repair job.

If you find yourself needing to replace a panel on your garage door, don't spend your time wondering how you will replace and install it, call us. We are the premier garage door company in the area full of expertly trained and experienced garage door technicians, but we will treat you just like our friends or family with a very intimate service process.