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Garage Door Replacement

Proffitt Overhead Door is a fully licensed and insured garage door service company and one of our specialities if garage door replacement for residential and commercial properties. If your garage door has suffered damage and needs work or replacement, we are able to help. We start off by providing you a free estimate when you contact us so you can decide whether or not to proceed. Whether it is just small problems such as door spring replacement or a partial or complete garage door replacement, these processes can normally be done the same day.

It is our goal to make garage door replacement very easy and affordable. We also offer regular inspections and maintenance to your garage door to ensure that it is functioning properly for as long as possible.

Our technicians are trained to be able to detect any possible damage that could cause huge problems later and fix it immediately. We are able to navigate and handle a variety of different types of garage door problems such as pulley replacement, broken cable replacement, and more.

Garage Door Opener Installation Services Michigan and Indiana

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Even though we use the highest quality door replacement parts doesn't mean the cost has to be the highest. We offer our professional services at an extremely competitive price. Before the process is even started we will provide you with a free estimate. This estimate includes the cost of removing and disposing of your existing garage door as well as the operating hardware as well as the labor from the beginning of the process to the final step, including the cleanup.

We offer a wide range of different styles of garage doors as well as custom built doors as well so we ensure you find the perfect fit for you and your budget. Replacing your garage door is one of the most inexpensive ways that you can improve the look and value of your home. your garage door is one of the prominent things people see when they look at your house, especially from a distance.

Every one of our technicians are professionally trained with years of experience in all types of garage door installations and are ready to replace an existing door that was damaged for any reason.

Whether your door was damaged from accidentally ramming your car into it or it is a small simple fix such as a replacement spring being needed, we are ready for it all. Our technicians are able to do the job quickly and at an affordable rate.

There are many potential dangers that are in play when it comes to replacing your garage door that most people have no idea about. Replacing a garage door can be very hazardous as a garage door is very heavy and the spring mechanism can also potentially be dangerous. This is why it is extremely important to hire a reputable professional like us here at Proffitt Overhead Door so ensure that everything is done properly and safely.

The springs on the garage door opener make opening and closing your door immensely easier, but after regular use they do begin to deteriorate. You will be able to recognize a spring beginning to fail by the sound of the door, the weight also seems different. Once a spring has failed it is time for a total replacement.

If you notice that you're garage door isn't opening correctly, theres bigger problems at hand. This also means that your door isn't closing all the way or at all, this means your stored items are vulnerable and if your garage is attached to your home, your home can be easily accessed as well. This is a definite cause for concern, but do not fret, we are able to come and assess the situation and provide a solution to make sure your garage door begins to open and close properly again.