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Garage Door Opener Installation

Here at Proffitt Overhead Door we provide a top quality garage door opener installation job that is customized to suit your unique needs. The typical garage door opener that everyone thinks of is made of a reversible motor that maneuvers a carriage along a rail above the garage door. Attached to this carriage is a drawbar that moves the garage door between the open and closed positions. Most garage door openers nowadays also feature a radio receiver that allows you to open the garage door using a remote control or other electronic device in your car.

While DIY replacement is possible, it is unwise and always a better idea to contact us, the professionals, the ensure that the service is done correctly. We completely understand all the components of your garage door opener and know the proper steps to follow when replacing the unit.

First we spread the garage door opener replacement parts on an open platform so it is ready to go and organized. We then connect the coupler and the bumper to the power head and insert the first rail section followed by connecting the remainder of the rail parts.

Garage Door Opener Installation Services Michigan and Indiana

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"I highly recommend Proffitt Overhead Door Company. Jason the owner who has over 20 years of experience with garage doors, fit me in the same day. He was able to figure out my problem. He was kind and honest and wasn't trying to sell me anything. No Fluff. A small family owned company. I called around to 3 different companies for the price of a new garage door and opener and he had the best price over all of them. He installed it himself and did an excellent job. Thank you Jason!"

We then connect the rail clamps to the correct position on the rail side and orient the slide carriage into the carriage slot at the end of the track. We then connect the rail hooks to the end of the rail set up. This complete the rail section.

After that we install limit switch wires on the straps of the rail assembly and connect the two limit switches. the first switch is placed about 7 inches from the end of the gray wire and the second switch is placed about a foot from the end of the rail section then we connect the safety release dial.

Next we orient the header straps above the door and connect this set-up to the wall. We then connect the power unit to the ceiling and connect the straps to the door.

The door arm is then positioned in place and we connect the other door arm to the rail section. Both door arms that are run between the rail section and garage door are then overlapped and secured.

We then locate the outlet wire where the sheath of white and red wire are also located and connect the exposed wires to the switch and screw it to the wall. Finally we install door sensors to either side of the garage door.

It is important for a professional to execute this process because we understand the ins and outs of the materials and process so we can ensure a safely installed garage door opener. We can also provide you a free estimate and will work with your directly to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly from beginning to end.

No matter whether your garage door opener is defective or simply not working at all, we will be able to quickly and efficiently replace your current garage door opener with a newer and fully functioning opener. Our team is fully licensed and insured so you can rest easy when we are replacing your unit. No matter what kind of drive system is used in your current opener, we are able to install a new opener of any make or model.

If you are installing a new garage door that is heavier than your old one, it might be necessary to replace the garage door opener as well so it can safely support the weight. With our experience with all types of garage door systems, we will ensure that your new garage door opener fulfills all of your needs.